Sending Personalised Images with GMass

Our platform aims to work with all marketing solutions, in this article we focus on using Gmail, and automation tool GMass to send out personalised images in a mass emailing campaign.

The basic steps are:

Add the Google Sheet which contains your prospects as a data source for your dynamic personalised image.

Once the Image is connected to the Sheet, you can now add the Image formula from Hyperise and add as a column in your Sheet, which GMass can use as a merge tag in your email template.

Paste the formula from Hyperise into a new column, in the first data row, and then copy down to all required remaining rows.

Once you've added the hyperise image URL, you need to wrap this in a HTML <img /> tag, so for example if your image link is in column N add this to the next free column:

="<img src="""&INDIRECT(CONCAT("N",Β ROW()))&""" width=""100%"" />"

Just change the N in the above formula and copy to each row to provide the image HTML for the GMass email template merge.

Use GMass to automate the mass email

  • Connect GMass to the Sheet
  • Compose your email in the Gmail client, using merge tags for images, links and tracking, see example below:

Once you hit send, GMass will do all the work in the background, spreading out the number of emails to send per day, so not to get your account into trouble.

GMass provides simple reporting, but does the trick, and is the most cost efficient way we've found to automate emails with Gmail/GSuite.

You can also setup follow-up sequences for prospects that don't open/click/reply.