Facebook Ad Automation

Using personalised Ads is an incredibly effective method of reengaging prospects in your funnel.  With Hyperise you can leverage our Facebook Ads integration, to automatically upload viewed personalised images into a Facebook Product Catalogue, to be used within your Ad creative.

Whilst the Facebooks steps are not exactly user friendly, the following guide breaks down the steps into simple steps:

Step One:  Create App for API processing

Prerequisite for completing this process is creating an App within Business Manager, which Facebook use to connect the various elements of your page, ad account, and permission approvals.  

Goto: https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and create an App,.

When you create your app, you will be given three options, choose the third option:

Step Two:  Create System Admin User

To enable the automation you must create a system user within your Ad account, which will perform this time saving process on your behalf.

The System Admin user, works along side your app and user account and carries out the automated tasks needed, in this case it will be automatically uploading personalised images and related data to a Product Catalogue.  Once completed your catalogue can be used with Dynamic Ads to serve 1-2-1 to your prospects.

Once you have your App created, we can start the setup process:

Go to: https://business.facebook.com/settings/system-users

If you've created a System user before and have the token to hand you can skip this step.  If you've misplaced the token you can select the system user and Generate a new token.  (NB your account can only have one system user).

If you don't have an existing System user, click the "+ Add" button and follow the wizard creation process, with the final step being copying the token, and saving this in a safe place 🙂 

  1. Generate New Token for the Admin user
  2. Select your Business App created in step one
  3. Tick the three required permissions for your System user:  business_management / ads_management / catalog_management
  4. Copy the token

Step Three:  System User Role Management

Once your System user has been created, we now need to assign this user as an Admin within the Apps role management.

Go to:  https://developers.facebook.com/apps/

  1. Select Business Account  /  Select App
  2. Choose Roles from the left hand menu
  3. Click 'Edit Roles in Business Manager' button
  4. Click 'Add People' and enter the name of your System user

Step Four: Add the Marketing API

Now we have the System user created and permissions assigned, we can now enable the Marketing API, which will do all the heavy lifting for your Ad account.

Go to:  https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and select g

  1. From the lefthand menu click the + button next to PRODUCTS menu sub-section
  2. Choose the Marketing API from the options
  3. Select Quick Start and then ‘Setup Dynamic Ads’
  4. Click Next on Overview…
  5. Click Next on Code Language…
  6. Select the Business Manager account from your ad Admin of to link your App. 
  7. If you haven’t completed step 6 before, you will have the option to “Claim” click it then Next
  8. You now need a create a Sandbox Account, this doesn't impact this process, but is needed to be completed, so just accept the defaults that FB suggest and select Next once completed.
  9. Select the System user from the dropdown and click the connect button,
  10. Link/Create a Pixel for the Sandbox    
  11. Click Next on the Product Catalogue section.
  12. Select the business page you're going to be running the Ads for from the dropdown and select Next.
  13. Paste in token we saved from Step Two when we created the System user and select Next.

Finally we have the section we need with the required inputs for Hyperise to complete the automation.  

Step Five: Update Hyperise

Copy the Business ID and switch over to Hyperise and the Hyper-Campaign section.

Within the Hyper-Campaign, select your image and integration, and edit the automation settings.

  1. Paste in the Business ID copied from the previous step
  2. Copy the System Admin token previously created and paste into API token field
  3. Select an existing Product catalogue from the dropdown, or enter the name to create a new one.

Once the above process is complete Hyperise will now sync hourly with Facebook and add any new personalised images, as your prospects view them.

NB: if you created a new Product catalogue, rather than select an existing one you created manually, this will be created by the System user, so you will also need to add your own Facebook user to the catalogue, so you can use this with your own user account.

Go to: https://business.facebook.com/settings/product-catalogs/

You will see a list of all product catalogues in your account, select the catalogue created by your System user above and click the Add People button, then add your regular user to it and enable Admin Access.

Thats it, you should be good to go!

In this screencast below, we show the full process...